Five Tips for Construction Websites to Capture Leads

Whether you own a small contracting business or provide different services or equipment to other contractors, these five tips are designed to help you attract more leads on your construction websites.

1. Construction Websites Need to Capture Attention Before You Capture the Lead

For your customers, navigating boring and confusing construction websites is the last thing they want to do. That’s why you only have a few seconds to fully capture a visitor’s attention.

To do this, your initial content should:

  • Explain what construction products and services your company provides at a glance
  • Describe how these products/services can help them accomplish their goals and projects more efficiently and economically whether through text or images
  • Encourage further site exploration to website subpages that will answer their questions (aka calls to action!)

Resource: Content experiments are a great way to test different headings and website layouts and it can be done right in your Google Analytics account.

2. The Construction Websites Content Should Be All About Them, Not You

Don’t make the common mistake of publishing content that is all about you. Visitors won’t sift through irrelevant information, so additional content needs to be all about your customer. Investigate what questions your customers have. Use your content to give them answers. This will help you build long-lasting relationships.

Resource: Do a test and read through how many times you use the terms “we” versus “you.” If “we” appears more often, think about how to refocus your pages on the customer. 

3. Organize Content Based on Audience Needs

Consider the various types of customers you have and their different interests and needs. It’s best to organize your content logically based on each segment’s special interest. For example, Cat dealers like Warren CAT, do a great job of segmenting their divisions and we know this due to direct feedback from users.

Provide multiple entry points, calls to action and secondary navigations on your construction websites. Put yourself in their shoes – what information do they need and what questions might they have? Organize this content so it only takes them a few clicks to get to each relevant page.

Resource: Use sites like to get real user feedback for very low rates.

4. Capture Leads Effectively

To capture leads on construction websites, one form under your “contact us” tab just isn’t enough. Make sure to include a clear and noticeable call to action on key pages that a user will likely be on before taking the next step of contacting you. Inquiry forms should only take your visitors a few seconds to fill out.

5. Use Metrics for Measurement and Evaluation

For any construction marketing campaign, measurement and evaluation are key. What’s the sense of working hard if you can’t measure your effectiveness? Installing Google Analytics will allow you monitor your traffic and leads.

Resource: Google offers a great online help resource for learning anything you need to know about analytics.

Katie Kelly specializes in digital marketing for the construction and heavy equipment industries and writes for Cat dealers around the country.