Construction Marketing – Joining the Chamber of Commerce

Are you a construction business owner looking for new ways to market your services?

Why not use the power of your local Chamber of Commerce to market your business? If you haven’t discovered this great construction marketing venue, you may be missing out on an effective and low cost marketing technique.

How can the Chamber of Commerce help your construction marketing efforts?

The Chambers of Commerce in most areas holds regular meetings where members can network. You’ll be able to exchange business cards and promote your services in a relaxing and stress free environment to other entrepreneurs. These meetings are usually heavily attended and give you an opportunity to interact with other like minded entrepreneurs.

When you attend these meetings, you should take along a healthy supply of business cards and literature about your contractor business to give to other interested business owners. Be prepared to describe your services to your fellow entrepreneurs at the Chamber of Commerce meetings. It will be important to let them know how what you have to offer can help them achieve their own business and personal goals.

Another benefit of joining the Chamber of Commerce in your area that can help your construction business marketing, is you’ll get a list of members along with their contact information. This can come in handy if you want to approach particular members who might be interesting in doing a joint venture or a co-marketing arrangement with you. Look for businesses that are complimentary with what you’re offering and see if you can work out a plan for mutual promotion.

Your local Chamber of Commerce may also offer free conference space where you can host your own business meetings. If you run your construction business out of your home, this gives your business a more professional look. Some other benefits of membership include the opportunity to get health insurance at a discount, discounted workman’s comp insurance, as well as the chance to attend specialty seminars on building a small business. Services offered by a particular Chamber of Commerce will vary by location.

Your local Chamber of Commerce can be a great, low cost construction marketing tool for your  business. Why not give your local Chamber a call and see what they have to offer?

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