Does Your Home Improvement Website Effectively Market Your Business?

Is your company’s  home improvement website too self-absorbed? If it is, it’s not an effective marketing tool for your business.

The first thing visitors to your home improvement website want to know is…

How can you help me? 

What will your business do to benefit my family, or improve my business, or make my life easier? That’s what your website needs to focus on. Everything else supports your claims. If your potential customers don’t feel this from the beginning they’ll click away and find a page that will solve their problems.

Your home improvement  website needs to show you can help your customer because:

  • You understand their problem and know how to solve it for them.
  • There are real people running your business.  Don’t be an anonymous, faceless company. Connect with your visitors and show you care.

A lot of companies find video works well for making personal connections.

Some people are not readers. They want to watch something or someone. You can send a personal video message to your potential clients telling them how you can help them. Or you can have how-to videos that show your visitors how to do something related to your site.

People want to do business with someone they feel they know and trust.

If you show you can help them and tell them specifically how you can help them, they’ll want to know more. Make the next step easy for them and you’ll have a new customer. And new customers are the true test of effective marketing.

Most people read on the web by scanning.

Always remember when visitors are searching the web they’re usually looking for quick answers to their problems. Your home improvement website needs to give them information in a clear manner that doesn’t require reading endless pages of text.

That’s why sub-headings and bulleted points are so important.

Take a look at your home improvement website, do you see any areas that you could improve?

Let us know if you need any help! We specialize in creating home improvement and construction websites.