Home Improvement Websites – Using a Free Website Builder

Is Free Website Software the Best Option for Building Home Improvement Websites?

There are many free resources for online entrepreneurs and small business owners. Some of those resources can be valuable tools that will help you build your home improvement website and brand, and yet others can be harmful to building a reputable online presence. Perception is everything these days, and for small business owners who are trying to build a reputable network,  quality home improvement websites have the potential to be the difference between an great first impression, and a so-so first impression. Which would you rather customers view?

Free Web-Hosting vs Paid Web-Hosting

New and established businesses alike are trying to save money these days. The economy turned downward and saving a few bucks always seems like a good idea for most business owners. However, if you look past that initial savings you’ll see that the cost of free websites and web-hosting for your business can be much greater than the few bucks saved on a quality construction website.

Outward Appearance:

Here is an example how a link to free web-hosting/building site would look like:  www.JonsonLighting.blogspot.com Does it really give the appearance of a serious business venture?

Investing in a professional domain name and web-hosting is investing in your own professional online image, and without a doubt this investment will pay off. Think about it. If customers can see that you were not willing to invest in your own home improvement websites, why should they be willing to invest in your products or businesses?

Nothing in Life is Free:

Even free web-hosting sites are in the business of making money. So, how do you think that free websites make their money? The answer is simple, ADVERTISING.

With free web-hosting they have complete control over the ads that pop up while visitors are browsing your page. What’s worse is when using advertising programs that find your target audience there’s always the possibility that an ad for a competitors website can pop up.

With paid domain and web-hosting,  website owners not only have the ability to decide which ads, if any, appear on the site, they also have the ability to make additional money off of their own affiliate and advertising accounts, such as: AdSense or Infolinks.

Additional Features:

One thing that is sometimes overlooked when building free construction websites, is the ability to expand and add features to your website. Many free websites allow a limited amount of plug-ins, widgets or pages. This means if you’re planning on installing a shopping cart or chat room in the future, you’re going to have to pay for the service anyway. When you own your own website you are in control of the services offered and the look and feel of your website and brand.

When building your home improvement websites make a checklist of the tools you’re going to need, the features you want, and what’s the best way to expose your unique brand in the best possible light.

If you decide that you would rather have a professional build your construction website, give Contractor Marketing Solutions a call at (877) 244-0434.  We specialize in home improvement websites and construction marketing.