Is Hiring a Professional Web Designer Necessary?

They say that you should never judge a book by its cover, but there is a reason why they display covers so prominently online and in bookstores. Covers sell books, right or wrong, it’s the nature of business. When a customer logs on to your small business’s website, that first impression is going to determine whether your company gets a customer’s business. A professional website can make a brand stand out, especially among the countless alternatives, consumers have to choose from today.

Having an online presence in this new global marketplace is crucial to a business’s long-term survival. E-commerce is on the rise, and it has become essential for a company to stand out among the ever growing digital landscape.  One sure fire way to stand out from the pack is to have a professional, high-quality website that customers can feel comfortable using. The truth is, online shoppers are still weary of virtual transactions, and a poorly designed website can easily be dismissed as a “scam” or “untrustworthy”. Remember that you are building your brand and reputation, and nobody wants to be associated with the dollar store equivalent of a website.

A clean, modern, and user friendly website is the first indicator as to what a consumer can expect from a company’s product and services. A confident consumer is a happy consumer, and happy consumers spend more money on average, and after all, isn’t that largely the goal? A professionally designed website tells customers a good deal about brand identity and the value you put on it.

Commercial advertising offers a product the chance to make an impression over the course of a minute or two, but the nature of the internet allows a certain increased level of scrutiny and judgment. No longer bound by the precious seconds of television advertising, a customer now has a chance to explore the details, and presentation, of online retailers and decide if this is where they want to spend some of that hard earned money.

In the last 10 years the internet has become a billion dollar marketplace. However, it has also become an amazing resource for the conscientious and the discerning shopper. Walls of text, an overabundance of advertisements, and poor functionality can drive sales away from a business, in the same way that readability and quick load times can keep customers satisfied and encouraged to spend more time, and money, on a site.

Professionalism and affordability are not mutually exclusive in this day and age. Finding a great web designer boils down to three important qualities. First, a designer that understands the value, to the consumer, of a professionally made website. Second, reliability and skill can make the design and hosting process a pleasurable experience for everyone involved. Last, knowledge of key principles, like clean code, optimized SEO, and well written Meta tags and product descriptions, will ensure that you are using a websites full potential. These three qualities alone will put your business on the path to a more profitable and memorable online retail experience that will lead to long-term customers.